Website Search

Basic Search

Simply enter a word or phrase in the search field at the very top right of any webpage and press the search button. All pages within the site containing these words will be returned, indexing by relevance. For ease of use, searches are not case-sensitive. If you would prefer to be more specific, the "advanced" functions can be used (see below).

Wildcard "*" Search

Wildcard searches can be used to search for parts of words. For example, you may want to find words that begin with "cat" (cat*), words that end with "ing" (*ing) or perhaps words containing "sept" (*sept*).


Cat* will match cat, catalytic, catch etc..

*ing will match sing, flying, marching etc..

*sept* will match September, aseptic, antiseptic etc...

Multiple Words and Phrases

To search for phrases which may exist together (eg. job application) you must surround the query with speech marks ("job application").


Job application will return documents containing the words job and application regardless of position or order on the page.

"job application" will return documents containing the phrase job application where these two words are together and server follows index.