Publishing Testimonials

“AIAA needed a complete modernization of its magazine and a new sophisticated online platform for streamlined content delivery. Association Vision and its team delivered! The member research, analysis, and design expertise they brought to AIAA helped us enhance our brand and improve content connections with our members.”

Rodger Williams
Managing Director for Strategic Outreach
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

“DHI needed to create a strategy to expand our magazine into a promising new market. Associaiton Vision analyzed the competition, developed a strategy, and delivered several practical reccomendations that are helping us achieve our goals.
I recommend them highly.”

Stephen R. Hidebrand, FDHI
Executive Vice President
– Door Security + Safety Professionals

"Association Vision manages NIRI's IR Update magazine and operates as a seamless extension of our publications team, including working with many of our members. They provide excellent editorial support, oversee the work of freelance writers, handle production, and make sure that our magazine runs like clockwork."

Ted Allen
Vice President for Strategic Communications
National Investor Relations Institute

“Association Vision is one of the few companies that still makes every effort to meet with their clientele face-to-face to establish working relationships and trust. Right after we hiered with the company to publish our magazine the publisher and advertising director came to our annual meeting to make contacts and start booking advertising. They also quickly put together our media kit and even redesigned the magazine. This strong start helped ensure a smooth transition from our old publisher.”

Sophia Taft
Communications Manager
Associated General Contractors of California

"Association Vision took our successful Net Assets magazine and delivered an even higher level of professionalism to upgrade the editorial, revamp the design, and provide a huge boost in advertising revenue."

Jeff Shields, FASAE, CAE
Executive Director
National Business Officers Association

“Al Rickard served for more than a decade as our outsourced director of communications. His strategic insights helped us rebrand our organization, launch a magazine, and increase our presence in key trade media. His company also created and built a six-figure advertising program to boost our nondues revenue. Establishing this long-term relationship was a smart move for us.”

Bill Hudson
President Emeritus
Global Cold Chain Alliance

"We contracted with Association Vision to publish and revitalize the ACPA magazine. The results were incredible – the first issue they published was the best issue ever and rivals the editorial and design of any trade magazine. Hiring Association Vision was a great decision."

Bill Davenport
Vice President – Communications
American Concrete Pavement Association

"We hired Association Vision to publish our magazine in 2011 and they came up with more creative ideas in one week than the previous publisher ever did."

Janice Greenberg
Director of Communications

“In 2007, Association Vision came to us at a time when we needed to revamp our member communications. Our existing magazine was financially unsustainable but still a very important communication tool. Al Rickard and his firm gave us some ideas and options, and together we developed a focused newsletter that has earned raves from NAA members and is well-respected throughout the industry. They stuck with us and did an excellent job.”

Jonathan Gaffney
President and CEO
National Aeronautic Association

“When it came time for NACS to launch a magazine, Association Vision was there to make it happen. The company counseled us on our mission and marketing positioning, wrote the business plan, presented it to our Board of Directors, and won approval. Today it is our number-one communication vehicle and the leading magazine in our industry.”

Gina Veazey
Former Editor-in-Chief
The NACS Magazine
National Association of Convenience Stores

“Wow. After one brief interview with me, Al absolutely nailed the gist of the article he wrote for Smart Meetings. He distilled the information in a way that made it interesting, concise, and informative. This was the second time he interviewed me, and both times with greatly written articles as a result.”

Marsha Egan, CPCU, PCC , ICF
Certified Business Leader Coach, Professional Speaker, Author, and Life Strategist
The Egan Group, Inc.