Publishing should not be a cost center for your association – it should generate strong non-dues revenue!

Today’s members want choices in how they receive content. A successful publishing operation offers these choices while paying for itself. We can make this happen and have the success stories to prove it!

We evaluate the publishing mix of our clients to ensure they offer the best combination of online and print communications to serve their audiences.

We also coordinate content development with other key areas of your operation, including learning programs (conventions, meetings, webinars, etc.), online discussion forums, and social media.

Our approach is customized to meet your needs. We can handle all aspects of the publishing operation, including content development, writing, editing, proofreading, design and layout, advertising marketing and sales, production, online delivery, and printing. Or we can just handle the areas where you need help.

We also offer custom publishing services, allowing associations with a strong advertising base to outsource their publishing operation while retaining editorial control and reducing or eliminating publishing expenses. This option also offers the opportunity for royalty revenue.

Check out our publishing success stories and contact Association Vision President Al Rickard at 703-402-9713.